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Working Capital Turnover Ratio

how to calculate working capital ratio

Current assets include all assets that are expected to be converted to cash within one year. Accounts receivable is a perfect example of this, whereas a van is a long-term asset. Because of this, the quick ratio can be a better indicator of the company’s ability to raise cash quickly when needed. Positive working capital means the company can pay its bills and invest to spur business growth. The Cash Conversion Cycle will be a better measure to determine the company’s liquidity rather than its working capital ratio. As you can see, Kay’s WCR is less than 1 because her debt is increasing.

What was once a long-term liability, such as a 10-year loan, becomes a current liability in the ninth year when the repayment deadline is less than a year away. The current ratio is a liquidity ratio often used to gauge short-term financial well-being; it’s also known as the working capital ratio. As in all things accounting, interpreting your working capital ratio isn’t black and white. It all depends on your industry, growth phase, or even working capital ratio formula the impact of seasonality. For example, if you just made some big purchases or hires to service a contract with a big new client, then your ratio will fluctuate as your assets increase. A higher working capital turnover ratio also means that the operations of a company are running smoothly and there is a limited need for additional funding. The department can provide treasury with crucial inputs into the total value of outstanding invoices.

Ways to Increase Working Capital

Considering this equation estimates the current assets as a percentage of current liabilities, it should be no surprise that the higher ratio is preferred over the lower one. If the ratio is 1, it shows that the current assets equal current https://www.bookstime.com/ liabilities, and it’s considered middle ground. So, the company would have to sell all the current assets to be able to repay its current liabilities. Capital, like data, drives the day-to-day operations of businesses around the world.

Without enough cash to pay your bills, your business may need to explore additional business funding to pay its debts. As an entrepreneur, it matters to you almost daily because it’s a vital barometer of your company’s financial health. This ratio can also help you predict upcoming cash flow problems and even bankruptcy. You may find that “working capital” and “net working capital” are synonymous. Both of the terms identify differences between all current assets and all current liabilities. While the concepts discussed herein are intended to help business owners understand general accounting concepts, always speak with a CPA regarding your particular financial situation.


Learn more about a company’s Working Capital Cycle, and the timing of when cash comes in and out of the business. Working capital should be assessed periodically over time to ensure no devaluation occurs and that there’s enough of it left to fund continuous operations. Similarly, what was once a long-term asset, such as real estate or equipment, suddenly becomes a current asset when a buyer is lined up. Working capital is the amount of available capital that a company can readily use for day-to-day operations. As you can see, working capital ratios and what they tell you can vary from company to company, by industry, and seasonality. As a small business owner who is also a Nav user, her greatest goal is to create the best user-friendly information that other Nav users can benefit from and implement to cultivate their businesses success.

Contingent upon the sort of business, organizations can have negative working capital yet get along admirably. These organizations need minimal working capital being kept available, as they can produce more very soon. You should utilize these ratios and formulae, like other financial analysis ratios and formulas, to create a comprehensive view of an investment’s worth. Because the working capital of one firm will differ from that of another comparable company, comparing them may not be the best way to apply the concept. It requires fixed monthly interest payments and is used by companies experiencing rapid growth.

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