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Man Gets Destroyed As He Attempts To Phone Women Clingy

He attempted to Gamble Like Women Are Clingy And Got Rooooasted On Facebook

The Story

Everyone knows that women are clingier than guys, right? JK. That’s merely a stereotype. Until we now have some difficult science about, I’m gonna call-it a draw. Real truth is, discover male clingers and feminine clingers. Oftentimes, dudes you will need to play like they never ever find thoughts, however each goes and do some crazy crap like hijack a plane in order to get in contact with their unique ex. When women tend to be clingy at least it is simply, like, expecting you to respond to their unique texts. 

Well, talking about hijacking, one guy’s snarky Twitter status got hijacked TOUGH lately. This dude Ben tried to perform like he had been cold as ice and never a stage-five clinger. Let us read the carnage:

The Snapshot

That is certainly whenever Jessica dropped the bomb:

And Daphné joined up with in:

And Anika sent the death-blow:

The Lesson

The amusing benefit of giving men and women emails would be that those messages are genuine easy to screenshot. In case you are gonna be clingy whenever messaging girls, bump yourself away. Maybe the person who you are trying to content shall be in it — the online dating world is filled with great people. (Although… cannot state “hey” 60 instances to prospects. That’s just creepy.)

In case you’re trash-talk an entire gender as soon as very own record is actually lower than clean… looks like you much better be equipped for some FB message skeletons to come the actual cabinet. R.I.P. Ben’s reputation.

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