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As an Intern at, you will be:

  • Building a network of sustainability influencers
  • Will be part of organizing committee for various sustainability related events.
  • Create online and offline presence for
  • Manage hotel partner relationships.
  • Manage Customer relationships
  • Taking factsheet based on SDGs for onboarding of properties
  • Research destination specific information on green parameters for content creation
  • Working closely with senior leadership team of

This position is not:

  • A travel blogger position where you get to travel to different destinations and create content. You may need to travel to some places for audit and execution purpose but this will be a very small part of your role.
  • This position is not a desk job which is excel focused, or involves development of any engineering product. It’s a client facing role where may have to take calls and explain about our product and solution.
  • Not a hand hold position. We are looking for problem solvers who can work independently and support us in changing the world sustainably.

We are looking to hire people from diverse industries. Some profiles which we think can be great fit:

  • Sustainability is a science, as such we are looking for Engineers from smaller schools/institutes, preferably women, who are looking at polishing their skills by working in a different domain. We are not looking for engineers from IITs.
  • Environment Science graduate who understands climate change and interested to join a startup where he can utilize his knowledge and skills practically.
  • Design school graduate who is interested in using his skills to develop solutions for sustainable living.
  • Social Science graduate who is not interested to work with an NGO or Social firm but in the hunt of an opportunity where he can work in a formal environment with exposure to different projects.

You might be a good fit if the following describes you:

  • You’re fascinated by Sustainability & Travel. We don’t expect you to have deep knowledge about Sustainability and Ecotourism, but you should be super excited about the field and eager to learn it quickly. Most importantly, you are sharp, curious, independent, ambitious and willing to walk the extra mile to execute a task. You’re deeply organised, detail-oriented and reliable above all else. You are able to convert a high level assigned task into a quick to do list and get it done.
  • You’re curious and intuitive — a creative and unconventional thinker, yet also highly analytical and logical. You’re a fantastic (and prolific) writer and pride yourself on thoughtful, eloquent communication. You know the right questions to ask, as well as when to listen and learn. You have the polish and presence to regularly interact with clients and owners. is an employee-oriented organization which highly values its employees as the key human resource. It’s a place where employees are:

  • Highly Motivated: You will be encouraged to take risks; you will not be scolded for executing a task in a new and better way.  However, taking holidays without informing, being late for work, or not meeting deadlines etc. will not be tolerated.
  • We respect Speed: We expect you to run as fast as you can and not ask permission. If you are going too fast, we will tell you.
  • We have a bias towards action: We want ideas to be executed on time. Only idea with no execution holds no value for us.
  • We go deeper and deeper: Every team member operates at all level, stay connected to the details., ask questions and validate with data. No task is beneath anyone.
  • We are about aesthetics: Travel forms an integral part of what we do. We explore new destinations which are not only offbeat but also scenic. Every property that we onboard is sustainable and has an aesthetic appeal.

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