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VISION will be the largest discovery platform for eco stays across the world.

V are committed towards sustainability and respect for environment and society. We know that promoting socially responsible actions and minimizing impact on the environment can together contribute towards sustainable development of a hotel and the destination as a whole. Therefore, we support our hotel partners in adopting various sustainable practices and become one of its kind across the world.


The V Eco-rating system rates properties based on various sustainable initiatives they have undertaken to minimize impact on the environment and local communities.

All the initiatives are measured under global impact measurement standards:

UNWTO – Strives to promote tourism development that supports conservation of environment, social welfare and the economic security of the host countries and communities.

IFC Edge – Focused on making buildings more resource-efficient, IFC Edge empowers emerging markets to scale up resource-efficient buildings in a fast, easy, and affordable way.

TOFT – A Sustainable Tourism and Wildlife Conservation Charity Alliance in India that works to improve the ecological and economic sustainability of the wildlands and wildlife.

GIST – A global body measuring business model impacts in sustainable tourism

Natural Resource Efficiency Biodiverdity Enviroment Purity Renewable Energy Green Building Boosting Local Economy Fair Working Conditions Favourise Local Food Cultural Heritage Protection Women Empowerment