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If you are a millennial kid, you sure have experienced the changing pace of life. We haven’t just seen the advancement of technology but have experienced major “Mind Shifts”. We come from a nation and families where we ought to save for the rainy days and as tradition has it, our parents made sure we were comfortable even when they were going through a rough patch in life. But how are we so different? How is it that we do not worry much about what would happen to our kids if we did not save enough?

Not that we are a generation which is indifferent to these aspects of life, we just have our ways of not making our lives revolve just around the future. Luckily, we are the generation who is not bothered of life insecurities as we have the freedom of being independent, We are the generation that wants to live in the present and have the best time while being balanced at the same time. Therefore, for us, it is not about the how much we spend but on what we spend. We are no longer in a race of who owns what because we believe in investing in experiences. With the paucity of time and added professional and personal stress, one thing we always resort to is travel. Why has travel become so important in today’s time? Why do they say well travelled is the new well educated? I do not think we are even close to seeking these answers because this is one subject that demands no explanation.

For me, the idea of travel has always been luxury and this time around I got to experience the other side of Hospitality. Presenting to you, V Resorts – Where you live through local experiences far from the chaos of city life. We travelled to one such property of theirs in Sariska, for a Weekend. Farthest from habitation, this place was an epitome of “Camping in the Wilderness”. With no telephone connectivity, Wi-Fi, television and in room dining facility, people ought to get out of their tents and breathe the pollution free fresh air, watch the sun set and sit under the open sky gazing at stars at night. It takes you back into the time where humans were gifted with nothing but Nature and after having experienced this, the definition of travel will never be the same.

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